How Poker Analyzers Detect Marked Cards

How Poker Analyzers Detect marked Cards

Poker analyzers are able to read the markings of different types of marked cards. Some are printed with invisible markers that can’t even be seen by sunglasses or contact lenses, while others have strong invisible infrared cameras marks that can only be seen by poker analysts. These marked cards can be used by card cheats to gain an unfair advantage.

These cards are usually marked with invisible ink by cheating players at the same table. The IR marks cannot be seen by normal contact lenses or sunglasses. They require a special infrared-lens to be seen. They are used for magic tricks, but sometimes they can also be used by people who want to cheat in a poker game.

Barcode marked cards – these are the most common type of marked cards used in Texas hold’em poker games. The cards are standard index Copag plastic bridge-sized playing cards. However, on the back they have invisible barcodes that can only read by a Poker Scanner Camera and Poker Analyzer. The poker analyzer processes the barcode information, and reports the game results via a Bluetooth Mini earpiece.

A poker analyzer, along with an external scanning device, is required to scan the barcodes on cards. The poker analyzer comes with a built in camera that can read the barcodes on the cards from 20-40cm away. However, if you’re sitting further from the dealer, an external scanning camera is needed.