How to Read Marked Cards With Contact Lens

If you enjoy poker or magic shows, you may know that magicians mark their cards. These marked cards cannot be seen by the naked eye, and are only visible through special lenses included in a card reading camera kit. These special lenses are called poker cheat contact lens or IR/UV poker lens and they can be used in magic shows or in poker games to see the marks on the back of the cards.

The way that they work is fairly simple. The lenses are made from the same material and have small filters that are purplish. When you wear these lenses, your vision will become purplish and you can read the luminous marks at the back of the cards.

These special contact lenses can be worn by all people with any color of eye. They are safe, and they do not alter the color of your original eyes. This makes them easy to conceal. You can buy them in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. The 9mm size, for example, is perfect for those with dark brown or black eyes. It won’t alter your eye color and you will still be able read the cards.

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