How to Take Photos of Playing Cards

There are many ways to get creative with these iconic cards. You can use a tripod for camera shake and a variety of lighting techniques in your images to add depth.

Macro Photography is an option

Because playing cards are smaller than other subjects, they are more prone to camera shake. It is important to use a tripod when photographing them. Also, slow shutter speeds are important. This will reduce motion blur and allow the focus to be on the cards.

Make It Look More 3D With Backlighting

A white background is helpful for playing card shots. To add texture and depth, you might also consider using a light rim around each card or group.

For the best results, you should be using a DSLR camera with a large sensor and a wide angle lens. If you don’t have one, a point-and-shoot camera will work as well as long as it has a high enough f-stop to allow you to focus on the card without compromising detail.

When photographing cards, you have the option of using a plain background, such as a white background, or you could use a colorful card for a background. To make your images cohesive, use a deck with similar colors or similar patterns.

Use Color Saturation to be Creative

You should use a variety colors and patterns when photographing playing cards to create interesting images. To add interest and contrast to your photos, you can use a dark or bright background.

Use a remote trigger and a tripod

If you are taking photos of playing cards, it is best to use a tripod. Also, use triggered shutter speeds settings to eliminate camera shake. The triggering system will prevent unwanted blurring or movement from occurring during your shot. It will also make it easier for you to capture details of the cards at a slow shutter speed.

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