Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses (also called IR contact lenses) are special contact lenses that can read the invisible marks on marked playing cards. These lenses are very useful for poker games and magic tricks.

The luminous marks on the back of a card can only be seen when wearing a pair of invisible ink contact lenses, which are usually made from UV or IR material. These lenses are similar to colored contacts, but do not alter the color of your eyes. They can be worn by any eye type. The luminous marks are more visible when the IR contact lenses are lighter in color.

Any brand of playing card with an invisible ink mark can be used in conjunction with a pair of invisible-ink contact lenses. These contacts cannot be worn with regular eyeglasses, as other people will see them. It is recommended that before purchasing a pair, you try them out at home or in privacy to get accustomed to the feeling.

Many customers are concerned that their transparent UV invisible ink contacts will be noticed when they use them to cheat at the poker game. Fortunately, this is not the case. The GS invisible ink lenses are specially treated and cannot be seen by others. They are also very comfortable to wear and contain low moisture content, which can reduce the eyes’ acclimatization period and prevent your eyes from becoming itchy.