Invisible Marked Cards For Cheating in Poker Games

There are many different ways of marking cards for cheating in poker games. The most popular way is to mark the cards with invisible ink, so that they can be read by a special scanner camera or a phone with an IR lens. This type of marked cards can be detected easily, since survellance cameras with an IR night mode will instantly recognize the mark.

Another type of marked cards is to mark them with a QR code on the edges, so that they can be read by specialized barcode readers and poker analyzers. These readers convert the marks on the cards into digital code and relay it to a player’s earpiece. These systems are very effective, but they can be expensive.

Lastly, people can use a pair of sunglasses that can see the invisible ink mark on marked cards. This kind of sunglasses is usually used in magic tricks with playing cards, but it can also be used for card cheating. This sort of sunglasses has red filters built in, so that the player can see the luminous ink marks on the cards when they are wearing the glasses.

This new type of invisible ink marked cards is a bit more complicated to use than the other two kinds, because it requires a long distance IR camera. This camera can be installed in any object, such as a lamp, ceiling, or even a wall clock. The player can then watch the invisible marks on a screen, such as a smartphone or TV.