Marked Cards With Glasses

Marked cards with sunglasses are a method of cheating poker. It allows players to see invisible markings in playing cards. These markings can also be used to identify the card’s value and suit, as well information such as the opponent’s cards.

Marked cards with glasses, unlike other forms of cheating in poker, are very rare and require a lot of skill to execute. It is a discreet, effective and discreet way of cheating in poker. However, it can be difficult to detect.

These cards are marked using a light reflective chemical daub or paint that reacts to specific wavelengths of visible sunlight. This allows cheaters to bounce an invisble light source from the back side of a card to see the markings through special glasses or contact lenses.

The chemical dabs are often colored in dark-green or black. They are often placed on the back side of a deck card and can be viewed with contact lenses or special sunglasses that have a built-in filter.

Shade technology can also be used to mark cards. Some card cheats add a lighter or darker shade in certain areas. This shade can be applied manually (brush) or mechanically using an airbrush and templates to position the marks.

These markings are often created using luminous ink. However, there are other methods. These are two popular options. You can also use other types of ink.

Another option is to use a special shading that can either be painted or brushed directly on the card’s front. This material is primarily made from pure grain alcohol, along with a tiny amount permanent, fade-proof dye. This is often referred to as “two-way line shade” and is almost colorless but provides enough of a tint to gray the white areas of the card.

Some people use a mixture of luminous as well as non-luminous daubs in order to create their own marks. These daubs can be used on any type of card and are extremely effective.

There are several methods that can be used to detect these markings, such as looking through a red filter, looking through a black light and doing the “riffle” test. Although they can help you identify the markings, they are not foolproof and can be difficult to master.

A pair of red filter glasses is one of the best ways to read these markings. It may take some practice to master, but once you are comfortable with it, it can be a fun way to uncover hidden numerical values or suit on a card.

You can also purchase special glasses that have a “built-in” filter for luminous ink. These glasses are less expensive and can be used to secretly read marked cards.