Poker Cheating Device

A poker cheating glasses looks and functions like a normal mobile phone, allowing the user to make calls, send text messages, and surf the Internet. But it can also be used as a poker scanning analyzer to predict the winner in gambling games. The player will need to set up the game type and number of players before they can use the poker analyser. The user should then keep the distance between the phone and the poker cheat cards at about 20-40cm so that the camera can focus the bar-codes on them.

The hacker who discovered this devious device — which is sold on the black market for several thousand dollars — has since reported his findings to Google’s anti-abuse team, and says that the company disabled some features to help protect the device from reverse engineering. He was able to access the device’s internal setting screen, which showed that it supported hundreds of games and allowed users to configure how often they wanted the winner to be predicted.

Other poker cheating gadgets are also available. These include remote cameras hidden inside everyday objects like power banks, watches and cuffs. These gadgets, however, may not be as efficient as luminous marked card and infrared contacts lenses.