See Through Playing Cards Glasses

A pair of fashionable home game perspective sunglasses can be turned into a cheating device for poker by electroplating purple membranes on the lenses. The lenses can reflect and transmit infrared light to allow a player to see the values and suits of the cards without occlusion. These glasses can be used in both professional and home tournaments. The perspective sunglasses are more comfortable than contact lenses and can be worn as long as desired.

Moreover, they can be easily hidden amongst other normal sunglasses so that you won’t be detected when using them. It comes with a high quality invisible ink pen that can be used to write on the card. The invisible marker is made of sensitive material, which can be seen by the glasses even when it is hidden. The glasses are also useful for reading luminous markings on the back of playing cards.

The present invention can be used in any shuffling systems that use physical cards, but especially with mechanical shoe shufflers. The present invention may also be used in intermediate positions between the card input areas and the card delivery trays to provide reading of the cards while they are still being moved by electromagnetically operated components. To detect certain forms or tamperings, polarized light can be used. Alternatively, the polarity of light source can be rotated to create a moving light. This method can be used with a large variety of commercially available standard playing cards.