Using a Marked Cards Deck

Card magicians can use a marked deck of cards to be able to identify any face-down card simply by looking at the back. While some may feel that this kind of method is cheating, it can actually be used to enhance a trick and provide an extra level of amazement. There are a few things to consider when deciding whether to use a marked card in your act.

It is important to choose the right deck and select which tricks to combine with it. It’s also important to choose a deck with large, easily-read markings, rather than tiny or cryptic markings that will be difficult for spectators to notice. It’s a simple matter of choosing the right moment to catch a glimpse of the marks and avoiding obvious actions that might reveal your secret.

There are many different types of marked decks on the market, and the best ones will have a system that’s easy for you to read but difficult for your spectators to see. The deck will also look natural, so that your spectators won’t suspect anything. Many of these systems take some time to master, but once you do they can be very powerful for card magic.

Some magicians make their own marked decks, but this can be a labor-intensive process. Some magicians prefer to buy a marked deck that is factory printed. These decks are available from a variety of magic suppliers, and some of the finest can be found from renowned brands like Ellusionist and Phoenix. These decks come with a comprehensive instruction card, and some even include video tutorials that teach you how to perform some of the most amazing routines possible.

A marked deck can be a great way to expand your repertoire for those who are just starting out in card magic. It allows you to perform tricks with a marked deck that you would not be able do with a standard deck. For example, Ted Lesley’s “The Spectator is Mindreader” can be performed.

It is also important to remember that if you plan to use a deck that has been marked, it is essential that the cards and sleeves be sleeved correctly. It’s normal for cards to have some scratches and scuffs, but any marks that are too pronounced or obtrusive could be considered marked. If you want your cards to look their best, it’s a great idea to resleeve them before performing. This will ensure that your audience won’t notice any wear marks on the sleeves of your cards that could reveal your secret. This is especially important for tournament play, where the rules state that cards and sleeved must be completely clear of any marks in order to be considered unmarked.