uV Contact Lenses For Marked Cards – How to Wear Contact Lenses to Read Marks on Cards

uV contact lenses for marked cards are special contacts that can help you see invisible ink marks on playing cards. They can work with any brand of UV markings on the cards, and they won’t hurt your eyes at all. These lenses are perfect for magic fans and poker players who want to cheat at poker.

When you see a magician perform his magic shows, you might wonder how the magician is able to read the invisible mark on the card so quickly. This is because the magician has a special eye lens that helps him see the invisible mark on the cards. If you’re a poker player or magic fan, you can also use these contact lenses to improve your game or make your tricks more impressive.

How to wear contact lenses to read marks on cards

The first step is to wash your hands before touching the contact lens case or removing it. You should also clean the lens with a multipurpose cleaning solution that’s recommended by your ECP. After washing your hands and rinsing the contact lens, scoop out the first lens with the index finger of your dominant hand. Then, carefully place the lens on your eye. Make sure it’s centered and blink a few times to center it.

After wearing the contact lens, you’ll be able to see the back numbers and suits clearly. This will allow you to win the game and keep away from others who try to cheat at poker or other games. In addition, the contact lenses will not change your original eye color, so you can still keep your privacy.

You can buy the uV contact lenses for marked cards from online shops or local stores, but you should always check whether they’re genuine and safe. It’s best to buy them from a trusted supplier, so you can be confident that they won’t hurt your eyes or cause other health problems. Also, be sure to buy the right size for your eyes. If you have a small pupil, you should consider buying a smaller size, while if your pupils are large, a larger size is the better choice.

Before you play poker with these contact lenses, it’s important to test them out in a low-pressure environment to ensure that they work properly. It’s also a good idea to purchase a few pairs so you can practice with them in different environments and see how they perform under different lighting conditions.

uV contact lenses for marked cards are made of high-quality materials and won’t harm your eyes. They’re also easy to wear and can be used with any brand of UV marked cards. They’re available in a variety of colors, so you can find the one that matches your eyes. They also won’t fog up in cold temperatures, so you can use them even in the winter. In addition, these contact lenses are more convenient than glasses because they don’t require frames to obstruct your view and won’t clash with your outfit.