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Marked Cards Contact Lenses
There are many different types of marked cards. These include magic cards, barcode marked and contact lens marked. Contact lens marked cards are the most common. Contact lenses can be used to see invisible ink marks (values and suits of cards).

In the current market, marked cards contact lens are often referred to as infrared lenses, invisible ink lenses or luminous contact lenses. They are developed on the basis of the properties of visible and infrared light (the principle for invisible ink markings).
We have created the third generation of marked cards lenses. This cheating lens is comfortable to wear and won’t alter the color of your eye. It is made of high-quality materials, which offers clear visibility and comfort.

Poker Camera Lens
This cheating lens was specially designed to work with barcode-marked cards. The lens can be hidden in a wide range of items such as a power bank, ash tray, clothing, etc. The camera lens scans all playing cards in just one second and sends the data to the analyzer. You will be able to tell who the winner is by using the mini-earphone. You will have a big advantage when playing Texas Holdem or Omaha.