AKK K2 best poker hand analyzer

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Product NamePoker Analyzer


Available Color:Black & White

Scanning Distance:20-30cm,35-40cm

Application:Casino Poker Games& Magic Shows

Deliver Time:3-5 working days

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Akk K2 Iphone poker analysisr is a CPU-based special analyzer in the poker scanning software. It is also known as K20 Iphone analyzer. The Akk K2 Iphone poker analyser is the pivotal moment in the history of poker analysisrs. It changes the idea of making poker analyzer.

The K2 analyzer was once a popular choice among analyzers. It appears almost identical to the one on the cover of the copied Iphone 4. It is loved by many people, especially young ones. They can easily take it with them and place it on the table to hear the final results. Comparing with the V68 and MDA poker analyzers, the Iphone 4 analyzer is much more attractive and has a longer battery life.

The wireless scanning cameras work well with K2 analyzer. After scanning the cards, the poker camera scans them and the analyzer reports the results quickly.

The K2 analyzer comes in white and black. You can choose which one you prefer.


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