Bee juice cheating playing cards for poker game

Items:Bee luminous marked cards

Color:Red / Blue


Size:Poker Size Regular Index

Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games


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The bee marker cards have two color options. There are a blue and a red deck. Many players are puzzled by the apparent effects of some poker cards, while others cannot be clearly seen.

Let me answer this question. Different playing cards can have different effects depending on how they are dealt. Color is one of the most important aspects when playing cards. The marking of a card is determined by the color of its back. Playing cards with a red back effect are generally more visible and have a better effect. Some manufacturers have difficulty with blue playing cards. It can be difficult to mark. A blue deck can be easily given a crisp, clean finish by my company. We can mark the back of the bee’s card no matter what deck it is.

You can mark the red trick deck with small markers at the corners and larger markers in its middle. It is easy to mark red marked decks. Blue trick decks are usually marked with a large, clear marker.

When you purchase marker cards, you can also select the color of your playing cards

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