Da Vinci Cheating Marked Cards with Invisible Ink

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Brand:Da Vinci


Color:Red & Blue, Brown & Green

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size / Bridge Size

Face:2PIP Regular Index / Jumbo Index

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show, Home Playing, Friends Gathering

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Da Vinci playing cards are good for marking with invisible ink marks for contact lenses because of its special back and material. The luminous ink Da Vinci marked cards are popular use in many countries for magic shows or poker cheating.

The Da Vinci poker cards are originally produced in Italy. They are all 100% plastic ones though they can be in different pattern of the backs.

Here we mark all the original poker decks with special ink marks which ensures the high quality of the marked decks and safety of the users who want to enjoy the poker games with such invisible ink marked cards. We offer the poker size and bridge size ones, with jumbo index or regular index. And for the back patterns, people can just confirm with us with a right picture so as to get the right deck of cards, since there are several different back patterns for different models of Da Vinci playing cards.

Da Vinci RUOTE luminous marked cards for contact lenses
Da Vinci RUOTE Jumbo Index Marked Cards

Da Vinci Jumbo Index Palermo Plastic Playing Cards
Da Vinci Large Index Palermo Plastic Cards

Da Vinci NEVE Playing Cards
Da Vinci NEVE Italian 100% Plastic Cards

How to mark Da Vinci poker cards with invisible ink?

Usually we can mark the Da Vinci in the following ways with invisible marks for poker cheating. You can just choose the most suitable way for your own game.

  • Firstly, we can mark the Da Vinci decks with luminous ink marks on the back for infrared contact lenses. For this kind of marks, you can choose it to be big in the middle or small on the corners or some other signs. Some people think that they can get some ink or pens to make the marks themselves. In fact, to mark cards DIY is not a good way because of the quality not so good. Here our technicians mark the cards with special machine to make sure of the high quality of the marked decks and safety of the users.
  • Secondly, we can mark the invisible marks on the barcode side of Da Vinci decks for contact lenses. This is not so popular as the marks on the back for lenses, for this side marks is not so clear to see. They can suit for some special games. Usually people who use such side marked decks have a special way to remember the marks.
  • Thirdly, we mark the barcode marks with Da Vinci decks for phone scanner analyzers. This kind if marks can’t be detect with contact lenses nor glasses at all, only with the scanning camera or poker analyzers can people detect it.
  • Fourthly, we can mark the Da Vinci cards with infrared marks on the back for infrared camera. This is similar to the back marked cards for contact lenses, and the marks can be in the same pattern but they are marked with different ink and contact lenses can see such marks. This infrared set can work well but not so popular for the users need to have a poker room and partners for it.

Invisible ink Da Vinci marked playing cards is always available here. No matter what games you play, you can always get the most suitable set of devices here to dominate your games. Just let the sales knows your requirements clearly before your order so as to get the best ones!

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