One to one barcode scanner system

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Product NameBarcode Scanner System


Available Color:Black & White

Form:Samsung, iPhone, Nokia

Application:Casino Poker Games& Magic Shows

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One-to-one scanning is a type of poker scanning software that installs in your phone or computer to show you the results of casino poker games. It is more secure than any other marking playing cards scanner system.

It is safer than any other scanning system

Barcode playing cards scanning software can be used with secret barcode marked cards camera. This will impact your ability to receive the signal.

This one-to-one scanning system, however, has its own barcode playing card scanner. They use a specific signal frequency that is not affected by other scanners.

You can also install the luminous play cards spy camera in any host machine like a car key, poker chips tray, and so forth. You will only get cheating results if the scanning system and the infrared barcode scanner use the same frequency.

Once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to stop using this one-to-one barcode scanner system.

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