Smart Wristband Watches Poker Camera Work With PK Poker Analyzer

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Scanning Distance10-20cm, 20-30cm, 40-60cm
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days
Supply Ability:1000 Pics Per Month
Application:Poker Trick Shows / Magic Show

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Many people believe that cheating devices for marked cards are well-known and safe. They need to be updated to ensure safety and not attract attention from others. We are pleased to present one of the most recent cheating devices, the sport wristband poker scanner.

The new playing cards scanner camera is small and elegant with an exquisite interior design. This poker scanner camera monitors your sport status and displays the time. The secret poker scanner switcher allows you to play the full role of this poker hand ring in scanning the cards barcoded. This information can be used for any poker hand analyzer such as CVK poker analyzers, PK King poker analysisrs, AKK poker analysers, iPhone poker analyzers, and many more.

AKK poker analysisr is the best device for working with the sport smart wristband. It is also recommended. This is because it has a more reliable and stable performance. You can scan the cards in very different angles (others cannot), which increases the accuracy and reliability of the predicted game results.

The GS KTZ smart smartwatches poker scanner camera allows poker analyzer owners to simply place their device on the table without being noticed by other players. The smart sport hand rings playing cards scanning camera has a clever tiny poker camera lens inside. It can read the barcode-marked playing cards secretly to give the best barcode data to the poker analyzer program center in order to calculate the results.


These are the characteristics of an activity tracker wristband (but not all).

High Compatibility Poker Scanner Camera

Smart sport wristband playing cards camera compatible with all versions of poker analyzers, CVK playing card analyzer, PK King poker analysisr device, AKK poker analyser software, and many more.

High-level Safety and Fashionable Scanning of Playing Cards

The Non-Toxic Silica Gel is used to make the wristband’s band. This ensures that the device has a secure fit. The elegant exterior design and the intuitive, simple APP UI provide unique aesthetics, comfort and accessibility, as well as practicality.

Poker Camera Lens Versatility & Innovation

It has daily functions and a time reminder. You can also use it as a regular smart bracelet. When you want to play poker, the secret button allows you to switch between the playing cards camera and scanning the barcode-marked poker cards. This innovative action is multifunctional and fashionable.

Poker Hole Card Camera Long-endurance

The Wristband Poker Card Scanner is durable and has several standby rechargeable battery options.


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