Fournier No.12 professional cheat marking cards

Items:Fournier marked deck

Color:Red / Blue

Material:Paper Material

Size:Wider Size

Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Show

Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days


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It is all about discovering yourself. Is everyone able to recognize themselves? Is it possible to recognize ourselves? However, knowing yourself does not necessarily mean that you are able to know everything about yourself. True cognition is however the ability to know all details about your life. You know this if you play poker. We offer tools that will help you learn more about yourself and other people. These lenses can also see invisible markings and Fournier No.12 playing card cards. Other cards can also be seen.

We offer Small Index and Fournier No.12 Playing Card Stock. There are two types available of Fournier No.12 decks. The first pack includes 40 cards and a guarantee certificate. The second pack contains 50 cards as well as a guarantee card. Each deck measures 9.5cmx6.1cm. You have the option to choose large or small print for your business cards, or you can follow our recommendations.

Buy marked Fournier No. You can combine 12 playing cards with our special contact lenses.


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