NTP Black Jack invisible ink marked poker cards

Items:NTP luminous juice cards

Color:Red / Blue

Material:100% Plastic

Size:Poker Size

Marking:UV / IR / Barcode

Application:Magic Tricks / Home Playing


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Passion is the key to success in any endeavor. Boring life is not good for anyone. This is absurd for hardworking people because it means that people who give up on their goals are boring. Although you may not be considered poor if you lose every single time, others will see you as an idiot who likes to play with idiots in order to gain something.

You can get special tools that will change your perspective. Printable playing cards are one of my most loved products. You can create marked playing cards from Fournier 818 plastic playing cards. They are 100% plastic and available in many sizes. The inkblots that we make can only be seen with our contact lenses and infrared glasses.

All the blue cards were marked with large fonts in the middle and all red cards with smaller fonts at the corners. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about suits.

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