Car key scanning camera casino cheating devices

Items:Car key barcode marked cards scanner



Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm
Frequency:AKK & CVK & PK
Delivery Time:2-5 Working Days

Application:Poker Trick, Magic Show


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You can use the digital car key to lock your car, open your cards and keep you warm when you are being robbed or scrapped. This poker cheating scanner key can also help you win at poker.

What it does for you? The car key contains an electron scanning camera. You can turn it on and off at will. It is easy to use. Simply place it face down on the edge marked barcode cards. After scanning the cards, the scanner will transmit the image to the poker predictionor for analysis. Finally, the receiving earpiece will notify you of the winner. You can choose to tell only the first winner, or all the ranks of poker players. It all depends on what you need.

This car key scanner has a battery life of approximately 2 hours. You can also exchange the battery if it runs out. This car key digital scanner battery is small in volume so it’s easy to carry.

It is small in size, but it has a great function. So why not try your luck and win! This car key cheating scanner will make you laugh.

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