T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera Lens

Items:Clothes barcode poker cards camera

Matched Analyzer:All poker analyzers including AKK, CVK,  PK  or LD analyzers

Material: Clothes with Plastic and metal

Scanning Distance:30-60cm

Delivery Time:2-4 Working Days

Application:Omaha & Texas Holdem Poker & Baccarat&Blackjack

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The T-shirt poker scanner dynamic lens is the perfect everyday item with the spy scanning lens for use in casinos and other poker rooms.

The casino rules are getting more stringent. Many times, poker tables do not allow phones or power banks to go on the gambling tables. This makes most table poker scanner cameras useless. The new wireless poker lens product from our company, the T-shirt Poker Scanner dynamic camera lens, might be worth a try. It seems to be able to let go of your worries and dispel doubts from others about your cheating.

The T-shirt scanning dynamic lenses is a scanner that can easily be worn on the body. It perfectly explains what spy cameras are, is extremely safe and will not be suspected of cheating. The T-shirt scanning distance is extremely wide which meets most people’s distance requirements.

How does the T-shirt Poker Scanner Dynamic Camera work? Products must also be updated as technology is constantly improving. The dynamic lenses of our company have image correction technology. This allows the cards to be identified quickly, no matter if they are stationary or shaken. This dynamic lens was placed in the middle of the shirt. The scanning distance has been increased. While the normal lens can scan at a distance of 20-30cm, this lens is capable of scanning much further than that. The scanning length is 60 cm. Its scanning width is between 35-65cm. Poker players will find a wide variety of dynamic scanning lenses convenient.

Our products and the world are constantly changing. An efficient and safe dynamic T-shirt scanner is a great tool in the poker cheating system. If you have any questions about our T-shirt Poker Cameras or would like to place an order, please contact us!


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