One to one poker cheating device scanner for special marked decks

Items:Auto-scanning marked cards reader

Brand:iPhone, Samsung
Color:Black / White


Scanning Distance20-40cm
Delivery Time:3-5 Working Days
Application:Poker Games, Magic Shows, Poker Tricks

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A poker camera is a magical device that can scan invisible ink barcode data from the sides of marked cards to determine the result of a game. We are proud to present the new type of poker scanner, the one-to-one poker camera lens.

The poker scanning camera is unique and requires the use of one-to-one barcode marked deck cards. Only one scanning camera can detect marked cards.

More details:

Lens type: automatic lens

Auto focus mode: Focus mode

Scanning distance: 20 – 40 cm

All types of poker analyzers are suitable

Scanning target: All types of marked cards. This scan is designed for one-to-one barcode marked playing cards


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