Chip Tray Barcode Marked Cards Scanning Camera

Items:Auto-scanning marked cards reader

Material:ABS Plastic
Scanning Distance:8-15cm, 10-20cm, 20-40cm
Work With:Poker Analyzer, Barcode Marked Deck
Model:100 Chips, 350 Chips, 500 Chips

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This poker chip tray barcode card scanner scans playing cards for cheating.

The black ABS plastic used to make these chip tray with scanner cameras is common. These mini cameras can appear ordinary from the outside.

How can you scan barcode cards from chip tray bars with the scanner camera?

It is important to prepare the entire poker scanning system including the barcode marked cards and the scanner camera in order to get the best out of the chip tray scanner.

The chip tray camera scans a barcode-marked deck and sends signal data to a phone analyser. Users can view the game results either via an earpiece or from their phone’s display.

One individual used to ask if he wanted to buy the chip tray or watch scanner analyzer but not the phone. The chip tray and barcode-marked cards can be used to scan cards for smartphones wirelessly.

The poker chip tray camera can be customized to your specifications.

A. 500 Chips Tray Poker Scanning Cam


The 500 chips rack scanner camera scans barcode-marked cards quickly for the poker scanning software. The poker scanner camera can be found inside the black chips tray, which will be installed at the table. This makes it simple for dealers to use.

B. 350 Chips with HD Camera


The scanner that scans 350 chips has a HD camera lens. This can be used on the dealer’s tables to scan cards.

C. 100 Chips Tray Cheating Scanner


The 100-chip tray is unique from the other sizes. It can store poker scanning cameras, and can also be used to store chips.

We can help you find this poker cheating scheme. Contact us to find out the best poker cheating scheme.


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