Contact Lenses Marked Cards

Items:Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

Brand:GS marked cards
Color:Red / Blue, Orange / Green, Pink / Brown,etc.

Material:Plastic & Paper

Size:Poker Size & Bridge Size

Marking:UV / IR

Application:Magic Show & Poker Games


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Are you familiar with marked cards? If you read this passage, you will see that you know marked cards at least in part. The contact lenses marked cards are the most commonly dusted card among juiced deck cards.

Some poker cards cannot be processed as contact lenses marked deck card cards. As an example, take the poker cheating lens cards poker.

Made from 52-deck Bicycle standard 52 American made Bicycle standard 52 playing cards, the Bicycle marked contact lenses playing cards are made. We created custom-made luminousink to mark these poker cards as a Bicycle marked deck for IR contacts lenses. It will be printed on each Bicycle card with a different suit and value. The design and appearance of the Bicycle poker card cards will remain the same after the marks have been printed. No secret can be found, even if you look closely at it!

The contact lenses marked cards are made with invisible ink. Many people search online for infrared pen or ink to buy. However, 99% felt disappointed by the performance of this luminous-ink kit. Professional card marking technicians will tell you that this is normal. While the ink and pen that you purchase are great products, they won’t be able to meet your specific needs. There are many factors that affect the marking of contact lens marked cards. For example, temperature, weather and ink. You will need the ink, pen, and a deck with Bicycle cards if you wish to mark Bicycle card. Okay, let’s just do it! The result will be disappointing.

The marked cards supplier does not sell juiced cards marked by hand, or the invisible ink pen. They use an advanced card marking printer. Ink must be re-made almost every time to meet the various cards’ requirements in different times. You can easily tell the difference if you purchase a juiced deck and an invisible pen from the supplier simultaneously.

You can find more information on the marked cards for contact lenses here.

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