How To Choose A Contact Lens That Can See Playing Cards

Items:Playing Cards Cheating Tricks

Brand:GS contact lenses
Material:Silicon hydrogel

Size:9mm, 7mm, 6mm, 5mm, 4mm

Application:Read invisible ink markings


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All the contact lenses for playing cards are colored, no colorless one. The color of the Contact Lenses That Can See Trough Playing Cards is the same as the color of the eyeball. Because it is reflected by the black eyeball, others can’t see it. Wearing this infrared contact lenses can see marks made of the chemical material (invisible ink) on the reverse of playing cards instead of the front side of the poker cards or mahjong tiles. We could identify the suits and value of each card by seeing the different marks on their backs. By this way, you don’t have to see the front of the card that you also can know each card accurately.



Before Using Contact Lenses For Playing Cards

  1. Care or put on or remove the contact lenses for playing cards on a clean table.
  2. Check the contact lens if there is any breakage, foreign matters or precipitate on lenses.

How To Choose Contact Lenses

1. Don’t believe that there are contact lenses that can see through ordinary poker cards and ordinary mahjong tiles. There are no so-called X-ray contact lenses or sunglasses on the market for seeing through the unprocessed playing cards. Both white light and black light marked playing cards are processed through special chemical potion (luminous ink). if without the cheating contact lenses or luminous ink glasses, these invisible ink marked cards look like Ordinary poker cards on the market, so do marked Mahjong.

2. Use see-through marked cards lenses to accommodate a variety of light. Friends who have myopia can wear myopia glasses after wearing the marked cards contact lenses, which basically does not affect the poker cheating lens performance.

Best See-through Contact Lenses For Marked Cards

3. The price of the marked playing cards contact lenses varies with the source material. The high-grade infrared contact lenses adopt anti-scaling non-ionic material, which is not easy to adsorb protein precipitation, so that the lens is comfortable, healthy, not aging during the service period, what is more, it is easy to clean, has unique elasticity. Futures made of unique elasticity curved technology and comfortable design.

4. The materials selected for the contact lenses for playing cards are different. The see-through contact lenses with good materials are made from soft materials, more suitable to be used for a long time. The processed marked cards lenses are soft and ultra-thin. When wearing these see-through contact lenses to see the marked deck, you often without being at all aware of them, make user looks with a natural make-up. The thickness of the contact lenses for playing cards is depending on what the material is selected. The professional infrared contact lenses for seeing through playing cards are processed with the high-grade materials. The best contact lenses for playing cards are very appropriate for relieving user’s eyestrain. Generally, to choose the contact lenses for playing cards, the thinner the better, more comfortable to wear.

Warm Tips For Using Contact Lenses

  1. Infrared contact lenses are very close to eyeball and user must pay high attention to hygiene when wearing them.
  2. Be clear about how to properly wear contact lenses! Don’t mess around!

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