Fournier 100% Plastic Invisible Ink Playing Cards for Poker Reader

Items:Fournier marked deck

Material:100% plastic
Color:Red & Blue
Application:Magic tricks & Poker games

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Fournier 100% Plastic poker vision marked cards are imported from Spain and processed with invisible ink in our company. It is a poker-size, peek index deck with a spellbinding back design in red or blue. This deck of playing cards is packaged in a cardboard tuck box the same proprietary materials. Each deck includes 52 cards, two jokers, and a courtesy card. Combines a discreet corner pip with jumbo-like face, which provides a better visibility when they are placed on the table. For the invisible markings on the back, only when you use the special glasses or contacts can you read them clearly. It is perfect for magic shows and poker games.
With the Fournier poker vision plastic marked cards, there are hundreds of magic trick you can make. It also help you to beat your opponent.


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