Piatnik Club Star luminous cheating marked deck

Items:Piatnik marked playing cards

Color:Red / Blue
Size:Poker Size
Supply Ability:1000 Decks Per Month
Application:Magic Trick / Poker Games

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Only by finding the best ways to overcome adversities can you ever triumph over them. Only by looking through the juiced decks of cards from Golden Sunshine, can you take control and act when you face adversity while playing poker. Piatnik Club Star marked Cards can be that juiced deck to help you.

Piatnik brand is manufactured in Austria. Club Star is one type of Piatnik poker card, and it also includes a variety of playing cards with poker size Jumbo index. Piatnik Club Star marked cards include cards marked with invisible ink. These marks can only be seen when you wear our infrared contacts lenses. The combination of marked cards contact lenses and a marked poker deck makes it possible for luck to happen. Poker players who use contact lenses and marked cards have a better chance of winning games. Those who don’t know how to mark cards will lose.

Online ordering is possible for our marked lenses and cards. You can also send us your cards. We promise to provide the highest quality marks.


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